The Black Mage is a NPC vendor that has no special requirements to spawn other than having an unoccupied suitable house in the world. Upon first appearing, the Black Mage will sell an Ice I Tome, a Fire I Tome, and a Quake I Tome. Additional tomes will be available for sale as the player progresses through exploration and world advancement. The world/player trigger(s) to expand the Black Mage's inventory has yet to be determined.

Items sold Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Wanting to learn some spells?
  • "I do miss Mysidia..."
  • "Welcome."
  • "Two orbs down... 2 more to go."
  • "Have you heard of Materia? I'd like to try some!"
  • "Would you happen to have a rat's tail?." (The extra period following the question mark is an in-game typo)

Names Edit

  • Gilles
  • Koko
  • Topapa

Notes Edit

  • The pointy-yellow hat, blue draped robe, hidden face, and glowing eyes are key traits of the Black Mage from the Final Fantasy franchise, Vivi.