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Welcome to the Terraria Omnir WikiEdit

The Wiki about the new Terraria Omnir including all the changes as they happen. We are trying to enter all Omnir Mod Information possible. We hope you have fun playing the Omnir mod!

The official Terraria Content has now been "revived" by Red a.k.a. Andrew Spinks, and it's going to (possibly be) released before october, featuring over 1000 items.

The Official terraria content is on it's own wikia, that can be found here:

First items you will findEdit

In the first Terraria days you will find some items. Here are some :

Old axe

Old saber

Old leather Hood

Old Leather armor*

Old leather Greaves*

(*someone link please)

Latest activityEdit

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    Summary: Just added some more thing the White Mage sells, correct me if im wrong :)
  • edit Fire Fiend, Marilith
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  • discussion page Talk:Terraria Omnir Wiki
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    New page: My Greatest applogies. But I'm a Frequent player of Omnir's Mod and found that the wiki is... Empty? anyways. I wanted to make a statement and say...
  • discussion page Talk:White Mage
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    Comment: Had to add a bit of a time line to this. Because she Didn't exsactly just give all when she first appears.
  • edit White Mage
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  • new page Fire Fiend, Marilith
    created by Ozey15
    New page: Marilith the Fire Fiend, is one of the Four fiends in Final Fantasy, first seen in FF4. Her attacks contain Fire 2 and ice 1 (not sure correct me if...
  • new page Dying Water Crystal
    created by Ozey15
    New page: Dying Water Crystals are dropped by Water Elementals, and have a low drop chance (like a 1 out of 20 chance?). the item is a Consumable and will...
  • new page Dying Fire Crystal
    created by Ozey15
    New page: The dying Fire Crystal is dropped by Fire Elementals, which have a low drop chance (someone able to look over the drop chances? Thanks) the item is a...
    Summary: Just adding in a helping hand ^-^ Ozey15
  • edit White Mage
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    Summary: Items sold::
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